2.4 Equation of a circlE

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

- write the equation of a circle given a point on the circle or the radius of the circle

- determine the radius of a circle when given the equation of the circle

- determine if a point is inside, outside or on a circle


Video tutorial for: 2.4 Equation of a circle


Ontario Curriculum

Overall Expectations:

- solve problems using analytic geometry involving properties of lines and line segments

- develop the equation for a circle with centre (0, 0) and radius r, by applying the formula for the length of a line segment

- determine the radius of a circle with centre (0, 0), given its equation; write the equation of a circle with centre (0, 0), given the radius; and sketch the circle, given the equation in the form                     x2 + y2 = r 2