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4.5 Quadratics in Factored Form


by the end of these lessons you will be able to:

- state the x-intercepts of a quadratic in factored form

- given the equation in factored form: find the vertex, axis of symmetry, and sketch the graph

- given the graph of a parabola, write the equation of it in factored form

4.5 day 1 video tutorials: Factored form - sketching the graph 

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


day 2 is a mid-chapter review day. Vertex form and FActored form will be reviewed.


4.5 day 3 video tutorials: factored form - writing the equation

part 1

part 2

Ontario Curriculum

Overall Expectations:

• determine the basic properties of quadratic relations;

• solve problems involving quadratic relations.

Specific Expectations:

- identify the key features of a graph of a parabola (i.e., the equation of the axis of symmetry, the coordinates of the vertex, the y-intercept, the zeros, and the maximum or minimum value)

- determine, through investigation, and describe the connection between the factors of a quadratic expression and the x-intercepts (i.e., the zeros) of the graph of the corresponding quadratic relation, expressed in the form y = a(x – r)(x – s);

- determine the zeros and the maximum or minimum value of a quadratic relation from its graph (i.e., using graphing calculators or graphing software) or from its defining equation

- solve problems arising from a realistic situation represented by a Graph or an equation of a quadratic relation, with and without the use of technology