Calculus & Vectors

April 1st @ 9am - Vector Addition
April 17th @ 10:30am - Rectangular Vector Components
April 28th @9am - Dot Product
May 6th @9am - Cross Product
May 19th @9am - Vector Equation of Lines in 3-Space

Advanced Functions

March 25th @ 11am - Trig Ratios in radians
April 1st @ 11:30am - Applications of Trig Functions
April 8th @11am - Transformation & Cofunction Identities
April 16th @11am - Proving Trig Identities
April 22nd @12:30pm - Solving Trig Equations
April 28th @11am - Solving Double Angle Trig Equations
May 6th @11 - Average Rates of Change